The story continues…



a deep breath of city air in you refocus on the ground and watch your feet as they dance this way and that. Turning a corner, the suns rays hit you in the face, and the warmth makes you stop and look up into the sky.

For a split second, you are still in that very moment taking in the warmth on your face. Your brief moment of bliss is cut short as your right shoulder gets knocked backward by a passerby.  You look at your watch and decide to grab a cup of coffee.

Taking the same route each day, the familiarity of the street draws you towards your favorite coffee shop. Before crossing the road, you look left and right and begin to head in that direction.

Reaching the other side of the street, you take your final steps out of the road and onto the pavement.

A loud screech from breaking tyres and a long sounding horn comes from the direction you’ve just left, and you turn to see a delivery driver waving his hands about to a car in front.

The driver pulls away without so much as a reaction. Leaving the delivery driver shouting to himself inside his van.

The delivery driver still moving his lips and shouting to himself drives a little farther forward to positions himself for reversing into the now vacant space.

As he drives forwards, the sun rays hit the windows of a shop face. Looking through squinted eyes, you notice how it’s just this shop that seems to be ‘outshining’ all the rest, and you feel a somewhat familiarity towards its presence.

The driver reverses and swallows up the shop’s view, and you’re left staring at the now parked van realizing you’ve never seen this shop before in all the time you’ve walked these streets.

Time feels like it’s stood still as your left on the side of the street staring at the white van. You notice the words painted on the side of the van, and slowly you read them to yourself…


to yourself, you decide to take some time and just look around you as you see people darting from left to right looking down at their phones or their feet making their way to there next destination.

Realizing that was you just moments ago you start to think back at that shop and then if by asking him to leave, the van driver pulls away out of his parking space and the sun shines again on the shop. It almost looks like its lit up a path heading straight towards the shop door.

Looking a little closer you realize its not a shop, after all, it’s a house that’s been squashed between two buildings and has an oldie sweet shop feel to it.

With mounting interest, you wonder why you’ve never seen this before.

Without a second thought, you begin to cross the street following the lit path and time feels like it’s stood still.

The hustle and bustle of the street have calmed, and with it, the traffic and a sense of calmness shroud your entire body. So much so you begin to feel your being carried across the street.

You’re now back on the other side of the street from where you came and standing before you is, in fact, an old Victorian red-bricked building.

Walking closer towards the bay window its curves coming out from both sides. You can see through the dark muted blue-painted window frames a seat of about 20inches taking up the entire window span.

Darting your eyes from one squared pane of glass to another you soak up the views from inside this house.

There is a bookshelf spanning the entire wall behind a big cozy armchair that has a subtle designed cream-colored cushion resting on its side. A side lamp is on and stands on a highly polished round side table.


notice a book is open with a pair of glasses resting on its pages. Next, to the book, there is a mug with what looks like coffee with steam coming from it.

The open brick fireplace glows its warmth into the living room and in front of the fire curled up side by side lay two dogs. One is a Yorkshire Terrier the other a black Berger Belge.

As the flames dance there way up into the chimney-place, the little Yorkshire Terrier without opening his eyes turns on his back exposing his belly leaving all four legs poised in the air, both dogs looking content.

The familiarity of this place keeps you poised, staring at the windows and wondering why?

You see someone coming from deep inside the house, and you move back a few steps away from the window.

The person inside has seen you standing there and is coming towards the door.

You start to walk away and move past the front door. The dark muted blue of the solid wooden door gives a beautiful contrast to the highly polished decorative doorknob and fingerplate.

An old shop bell sounds as the front door opens and a waft of freshly brewed coffee escapes into the street.

‘Hi’ she says with a contagious smile.

‘Hi’ you reply back a little confused.

‘I knew you would come, I’ve just made some coffee would you like one?’ she says.

A moment of hesitation because you don’t know this person, but you feel completely welcomed by them you find yourself saying.

‘Yes please, that would be lovely.’

She opens the door wider to let you in, and with her right-hand offers you a chair in front of the fireplace.

Greeted by the two dogs sniffing the street air on your clothes. You walk on a polished wooden floor towards the chair, and as you approach the fireplace, you feel its warmth on your legs.

Looking around, you realize that this was, in fact, an old shop.

The lady comes back with your coffee and a plate of biscuits and places them on the table next to you.

She brings her mug of coffee and sits opposite you on the other sofa and says.


‘You will never find time for anything unless you make it.

My names Michele and welcome to my home.’

‘You don’t write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say.’
F.Scott Fitzgerald

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