How talking with a ghost got me blogging Part 1 – Humor me, if you will, and let’s play a game. But, first…

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I’m going to give you a scenario, and I bet, I can guess what your immediate reaction would be?


Imagine you’re sitting in a vehicle that’s high off the ground. I mean when you look down towards the road from the window seat it’s a long way down.


This vehicle is about to drive under a low bridge. What’s your instinctive reaction going to be?

You duck! Have I guessed that, right?


Most of us would duck and yet it makes no difference to the outcome of your situation sitting behind a protective pane of glass.


Can you think of any other time in your life when your instincts have taken over, causing you to react in a certain way?


Instincts can cause us to have uncontrollable reactions, which is why we cannot help but do them.


Life throws us these from time to time, so the next time one comes your way try to be aware of it if you can ‘notice what you are noticing’ for a better phrase.


I wonder how many times in your life have your instincts caused you to react in a way, which has benefited you?


What about opportunities that come and go, maybe passing you by? Or maybe, you actually do take action? I want to share with you a recent situation that happened to me early one year.


I was preparing for a long journey from France to the UK in my car, myself, and my two dogs. There was quite a lot on my mind. And then from nowhere a thought popped into my head; ‘Professor Stephen Hawking, is going to die in March,’ (of that year).


I remembered thinking ‘Random!’ and then said allowed,


‘That’s sad, I hope not, but if it’s his time, then it’s his time. Hey, maybe I should put a bet on it?’ Then I heard myself say, ‘No, that’s not a nice thing to bet on.’ Also, I didn’t want to be in the papers as the lady who bet on Professor Stephen Hawking’s death and made however much money. You get the idea? So, I ignored it.


It was only on my return to France while waiting to board the train, car loaded up, dogs in the back. I heard on the radio…


‘Stephen Hawking has died.’


He had passed away on March 14th, 2018. I felt sad for his family and the world of science. But then I thought, had I placed a bet and listened to my instincts, how much money would I have won? Maybe that’s what you thought too? But I’m not in the habit of betting especially on someone’s death.


However, it did get me thinking about everyday life situations and how many times those little voices play on in our heads. Giving us information that can sometimes be relevant and useful. But to be honest, most of the time its just idle chit chat. Maybe that’s why we’re not really listening that well?


But, what if these messages were gifts being offered to us from another world? Warnings or simple directions to turn this way and that? And, we heard them loud and clear and could distinguish between the idle chatter and the messages that served us?

Maybe we would take more interest. I mean the wackier the message, the more we’re likely we’re going to listen right? Well, perhaps? Not at first.

But, how can we distinguish between what is serving us and the endless mind chatter that goes on and on in our heads?


I believe it comes down to awareness and tuning into how that situation feels. That feeling deep in you’re stomach, that ‘gut feeling.’ We all know when something feels right, and something feels wrong. Well, that can get misleading too at times. Right?

Anyway, I’m digressing from the main reason for my story, and that is about ghosts. You may or may not believe in them, but it matters not, as this is my story and if you’re still here then let me tell it.


But, first here’s another time a message came to me in the form of a dream, it was so clear, and it concerned numbers, the lottery kind. I half-heartedly woke after seeing 6 numbers very clearly in my head. It was so clear that I was sure I wouldn’t forget. So I stayed in bed and didn’t bother to reach for that pen and paper.


Alas, when I finally woke from the beauty sleep I did, in fact, forget them, well, I still had 2 numbers rolling around up there in neuron land. But they were more like tumbleweeds. If only I had listened to my initial thoughts!

In fact, did you hear about a man in Virginia USA, back in February 2018, who won $400,000 on the lottery? He said the numbers came to him in a dream. His name is Victor Amole. So you see it can happen and it has.


So is it our intuition then or is it something else speaking to us, telling us to go this way or that? Giving us useful information? Are they coming from our intuition our higher guidance, guided angels, or our guides? Could some of these messages really be from ghosts after all?


When my sister and I were kids, my dad’s hobby was ghost hunting. I could tell you a few spooky stories of his and some that have happened to me in the past. But I like to save those ones for a cold winters evening sitting by the fire with the wind rattling the window shutters outside.


But this story, in particular, is about something very specific and, it is the main reason why I am here sharing this with you now.


Before I begin, please allow me just to give you a very short disclaimer –


I am not claiming to be a clairvoyant and by no means gain any income from speaking with ghosts. The information I am sharing here is relatable to me, and what I feel, rather than what I actually hear as an external entity. Voices in my head come from my own instincts and feelings that guide me into acting on what I have heard or felt. These events hereon in are actual and relative to me only.


Now allow me to share with you how my talking with a ghost got me blogging –


Let’s begin…


I lost a dear friend to breast cancer a few years ago, and ever since that day, I’ve been talking with her. I do not hear her voice per se, but whenever I say her name out loud and ask her questions, my body becomes showered with goosebumps, and I feel a presence.


It feels like a kind of guidance a knowing and sense of calmness that overrides the chaos caused by stress and panic. That our everyday life situations throw at us. The guidance comes purely from love, and I have the freedom to choose to accept or ignore it.


I reiterate I am not claiming to be a clairvoyant; it’s merely a conversation with an old friend about what feels right and what I am doing in my life.


How it all came to be…


During her funeral, I sat and watched the backs of her two young girls, one being too shocked to acknowledge her loss and the other too young to really know what was going on. As she stared at the coffin of her mother that lay before her.


I couldn’t help but feel these girls never really got to know their mum as we did as her friend. As they would do later on in life. Having had the honor and privilege to get to know my parents but not just as parents but as friends too. I wanted to create something to honor my friend’s memory for them.


I came up with the idea for a website, but I had no idea how I was going to do it.


In the years that passed after that, I never stopped thinking about my idea. My working life became increasingly busy, and the gap between the purpose of creating a website and actually doing it became ever more extensive. Also, I had ever increased, self-fulfilling doubt and negativity that I wasn’t capable of doing it in the first place. The idea remained, but it never took off.


Some years passed and my circumstances changed, I was now living in France and had adopted two rescue dogs, Lucky and Milou. We went for long walks, and often I chatted away to myself, as Lucky and Milou, never seemed to be listening; they were far too interested in sniffing things and chasing birds.


This particular morning I was overly anxious and wasn’t sure which way to go. In that, I had many projects and ideas I wanted to develop but was focusing on two book ideas. I had some savings left in the bank, but what if I used that all up in the process of writing my books and what if the books were a flop? What then?


This sense of uncertainty certainly wasn’t helping my stress levels, and it certainly wasn’t making me feel motivated or inspired. I could feel the darkness and fear following my every step.

I knew I had to keep calm because there wasn’t any amount of inspiration that was going to come out of being stressed. In fact, there are studies to prove that stress levels cause brain waves to go into a state of disorganized patterns. A bit like my thinking.


So, I kept asking the universe for signs kept talking to myself and tried to remain calm at least to enjoy my walk and to stay present in the now as Eckhart Tolle suggests.


That was when it happened. I came round the corner started to climb the hill, and the thought of creating the website popped into my head. It was so intense I came to a complete standstill.


As soon as I acknowledged the thought goosebumps showered me, and I looked up into the sky and started to smile.



The thought came in the form of a message ‘Create your website,’ and it was so clear and profound that I repeated it out loud.


‘Create my website? Is that right?


Goosebumps, everywhere, all over. I called out my friend’s name and asked, ‘Is that you?’ Again goosebumps. Each time I waited for the goosebumps to leave, and each time I called out her name, they came back stronger and stronger.


‘OK, then,’ I said, ‘Website it is!’


They say be careful what you ask for. Well, this was a timely message for me because for several months I’d been asking for guidance from the etheric world (or infinite wisdom, the universe, source energy, God or spirit, whichever one sits more comfortably with you) Which one of my projects should I start?


With this new direction and guidance, I got to work. I found a website designer and started the ball rolling.


As we discussed the project, he decided to throw me a big curveball. He said I either needed to learn how to market the site or, pay for a marketing company to do it for me. I remember saying, ‘Why on earth do I need to market my website? It’s going to be mega, people will see it straight away?’


He laughed and repeated back to me. ‘You will need to market your website, this is my fee X, which only includes the website build, not the marketing.’


‘No sense of humor,’ I thought and carried on with the practicalities of the website.


Taking what he said seriously mind you about the marketing side of things, I started to look into it. He could do it for me, I could pay a company to do it, or I could learn to do it.



But technology and I went as far as sending and receiving emails. Pulling up my sleeves and getting stuck in I began to realize that you could cook the best cookies in the world but if nobody knows where to buy them.


Then you’ll have to eat them all yourself. Well, that’s OK now and again dunked in coffee, but that’s not going to do your waistline any good, and neither is it going to bring anyone to your website.


There’s so much information out there, and for me, marketing was a mind field. A new language, I had web pages open all over the place, notes here and there with Post-it notes on Post-it notes. It wasn’t long before I came to another grinding halt.


And for now, so does this blog. It’s not too a scary ghost story, in fact, it’s quite lame compared to the ones I could tell you anyway. But, In part 2, my friend returns and I share more about how by being open and listening to your instincts you may never know which path you are taken down.


Until we meet again. But, here’s Part 2 if your impatient and want to know the outcome.


In the meantime, do you have any stories that you would like to share?


I’d love to know, but maybe leave the really scary ghost stories for daytime reading and not just before bedtime, please.


Want more?

Not tired of reading?

You’re not SCARED, are you?

Well if not then head over to Part 2. I’ve saved you a spot by the fireplace.

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