FEEL INCREDIBLE Reflections Day 1

Welcome to Feel Incredible Reflections Day 1 and the start of the 7Day program Inspired by Dr. Joe Dispenza.

While WALKING THE DOGS – The self-talk I am aware of


Feeling positive and then hearing that voice of  ‘yeah but you’ve been positive before, and it hasn’t worked out has it? Look where you are now.’


Then that opened the door to money

Then that opened the door to lack of

Then the door of fear opened

Which then took me down into a spiral


Then I realized as the spiral can go down the spiral can up too.


So I reversed it and then said ‘everything is not the same as it was yesterday. We are forever continually moving in the direction of where we need to go wherever that may be.’


Then I started to see some flowers along the side of the road.  I had not seen any before or even noticed if there were any. As I then looked around for other flowers, there were none. Only the little few right there on the side of the road a few feet away.


It was as if, as my attitude changed, the flowers popped up, showing their beauty right before my eyes. Which I then said ‘thank you beautiful flowers’ and then I felt the joy of warmth run through my body.


Then, the joy of all the good things coming my way, what’s new and what’s changing with my life. My love life, my health, my family, with my dogs in that we get to spend our days together and then my future started to look a lot brighter, and then I found myself smiling.




Driving is an interesting one because often if it’s a route you know well your mind tends to wander. Those negative thoughts start to creep in. If you are not noticing what you are noticing then before you know it, you’re going deep down into that spiral of darkness.


For me, I could hear old patterns of self-talk telling me that ‘it’s no good keeping your head in the clouds Michele when you have bills to pay’ Again the money fears come rolling in.


I looked back on this morning and the 4 thoughts I wanted to be conscious of today. 1 of which was ‘Lack.’


Then I looked outside and was enriched with my physical senses on how beautiful the scenery was. Then I realize I had a choice. I could choose how I feel. The money situation that I was thinking of has passed, and I cannot change it. Only thinking about it makes me upset and angry. So what’s the point in stressing over something I cannot change?


Accept it, learn from it, and move on.


Something to think about is that when you are in a state of Gratitude not only does your body heal itself. *Science has proven this:


Here’s a couple of articles if you’re interested to see how Gratitude can help you;


The Chopra Center



However, there’s so much research on Gratitude, so why not do some research of your own? It’s a lot of fun and, you never know what you will find?


Inspiration comes to you too and, that is when I was given the name of one of my projects.


I can really recommend that each morning during these 7days you write these 4 things down. Then the 4 things you want to change. As for some reason, these are fresh in your mind.


With you in mind and to help me to remember the questions. I created a workbook that you can either download here. Or click on the image below.


Here’s to your success and here’s to the start of feeling INCREDIBLE in just 1 Day.

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