Welcome back to Feel Incredible Diary Day 7. We made it and I’m bubbling with inspiration, joy, and love. Love of life and all things that are coming my way. Life is EXCITING! But it wasn’t that way this morning.


Last night we finished tiling the extension, and once everyone had left after all the dinner bits were cleaned up and put away, it was late. By the time my head hit the pillow, I had woke to the following day.


I feel a bit of a cheat, and therefore, it is only correct for me to own up and be honest with you. I had missed some of the exercises as my routine was broken. I didn’t wake with the gratitude exercise and then failed to write down the 4 things.


Whether this is a coincidence or proof that this exercise does work. Due to my break in the program. On Day 7, I was starting to feel my negative self-talk return. The occasional negative comment found its way in, and my lack of self-belief started to get comfy too.


However, I was aware of these thoughts and was able to put an end to them before they started to take root. Pesky little devils these thoughts of ours.


I promptly said to them, ‘‘no your not going to pitch a tent there, off you go’. Then I replace it with how I’m going to feel sitting in my new office chair looking out of the window. Looking down into the house from above. Walking up the stairs and down them from my office.


It worked every time!


So here are my thoughts from the morning of Day 7


What is the greatest of myself I can be today?

Answer – Optimistic and forward-thinking

Focus on that one thing so that I can feel I am moving forward.


4 Thoughts I want to be conscious of 

1 How I speak with myself when things are not going as fast as I would like.

2 Remain focused on my vision and how it feels to be that person who is living the life they desire.

3 Listen to my intuition on what feels right when I make decisions.

4 Remember to keep hydrated.


4 Things I want to change 

1 Be kinder to myself when I don’t hit targets

2 More patience with others and myself

3 *My fitness workout

4 My diet


Reaching the final day of my diary ‘Feel Incredible Diary Day 7’ it has shown me that coming from a place of gratitude and awareness really does make a big difference to how you feel and see the world. But, not only that, how the world reacts back to you.


Often, we tend to separate ourselves from the world around us thinking that we are separate when, in fact, we are very much connected to all things living.


Studies time and again show us that we have the power within us to not only heal ourselves but to bring what we desire into existence.


The only thing that stops us from doing so is our belief.


If you take anything from this program at all, then take the idea that you are already an INCREDIBLE human being. Capable of amazing and beautiful things. All you need to do is believe in YOU!


So what has been your biggest take away from all of this?

How has it impacted your life? And, if not, why not?


I’d love to know?


Feel free to contact me here

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