Another day another diary, welcome back to Feel Incredible Diary Day 6

What is the greatest of myself I can be today?

Answer – In LOVE


I am in love with me and in love with the world today.


The little family around me that consists of; my boyfriend, our doggies; Lucky and Milou and Nanette our horse.


We are 1 unit and supportive of each other. Each one looking out for the other, I love it and feel so blessed to experience it. Thank you xx


4 Thoughts I want to be conscious of today 

1 Maintain a positive outlook with the way I talk to myself

2 The way I think of others if they are negative around me

3 Maintain the vibrational energy of my future self, coming from a place where I want to be.

4 Be easy on myself in not having restrictions in my ability.


4 Things I want to change 

1 Keep an upbeat attitude without allowing negative thoughts to pitch a tent in my thoughts.

2 Smile and laugh more

3 See the positive solutions in most situations

4 The way I think about myself


Interestingly as I have reached ‘Feel Incredible Diary Day 6’ of the 7 Day program. I am finding it challenging to write down the things I want to change. As things, I am now implementing are positive thoughts.


This morning, I am awake with more drive and energy. Going to bed each night with gratitude really does make a difference to how you wake up in the morning.


My money situation has not changed in these short days with only money going out. Yet, as I write that sentence, I can feel the pattern of fear creep back in. However, this time. I am conscious to override the fear and replace it with a feeling. The feeling of how it’s all going to look like when its all come together.


And thereby hence the importance of having that vibrational feeling manifested before you get up in the morning.


It’s way easier for the neurons to fire in a negative direction once they become habit-forming.


Ok, I know its only 6 days out of many years thinking the same thoughts that lead to stress and worry. Because for me, I’ve been creating the same thought patterns for over 30years!.


So it’s going to take some time to cut the old neural connections and establish new ones. At least it’s a start in the right direction, and if it makes me feel good, then I’m all in.


I can’t stress enough though, to notice what you are noticing and if you can tell your brain that ‘this is what it looks like while it’s all coming together.’ Then it takes off the strain of when you open your eyes you look around and your not quite there.


‘This is what it looks like while it’s all coming together.’

I laugh to myself as I look around my boyfriend’s bedroom. My body wants to get up and have breakfast. But, as Dr. Joe says you need to tell your body;

‘Body, your not the mind, I’m the mind right now.’

Then the fight between mind and body goes back and forth.

However, If by some strange miracle, you found yourself here without even reading the blog post. Then here it is. As none of what I have been talking about will have made much sense.

So Dr. Joe says what you now tell your body is – ‘your going to sit here, I’m going to feed you, get your coffee and then you can check your emails. BUT right NOW. This is MY TIME, and you’re going to obey me.’


The victory can only be claimed, according to Dr. Joe, when the mind wants to get up, and you become aware of it by turning to the present moment. Now the body is no longer the mind you see. You have become the mind, and you’re now starting to make changes to some aspects of yourself.


Then say to your self – ‘I can do this all the time.’


I am sure more reflections will come today but in the meantime –




Up and out, I have my office to tile. But that is after I have manifested myself already in there being creative.

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