Welcome back to the 7 Day Feel Incredible Diary Day 5 with a 5AM Reflection 


I woke without feeling tired

Positive and energized

Smiling on my face and feeling grateful towards my day and what I have around me.


What is the greatest of myself I can be today?

Answer: Positive, open-minded, and notice what I’m noticing.


4 Thoughts that I’m going to stay conscious of 

1 My negative self-talk in what I’m saying

2 Maintaining a positive outlook

3 Holding the vibration of where I want to be

4 The way I feel towards others when I think of that person in my head.


4 Things I want to change 

1 Smile and laugh more

2 Have fun during the day for me and with my doggies

3 Being kinder towards myself

4 Stop often and look at my surroundings with gratitude


Last night when I visited my boyfriend’s house, I discovered he is going to incorporate an open office for me on the mezzanine floor of his extension. What a lovely surprise. I certainly wasn’t expecting that!


My findings

I found writing 4 things I want to change difficult as it leaned my mind towards the negative thoughts.


However, I was also pleasantly surprised to discover that now my answers had a more positive feel to them. For example – 4 Thoughts I want to be conscious of. I wrote ‘Holding the vibration of where I want to be.’


Now when I look in the mirror, I say, ‘Good morning gorgeous’ And, I really do FEEL it.


Thank you, Dr. Joe Dispenza, thank you xx

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