Welcome to Day 4, where I share my diary with you from the Feel Incredible 7Day program by Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Feel Incredible Diary Day 4 – This is a long one, no apologies here. I was fired up and ready for anything at this point!


Woke at 6.30am


Feeling optimistic, happy, and energized. Irrelevant of the fact of going to bed late the night before.


It’s interesting what you notice about your thoughts when you are more aware. Where did that thought come from? And that one? Why did I think about this? And, now I’m thinking about that?


Funny as it may sound but play a game with me if you will? Imagine this…

You are sitting on your sofa, but your mind is also sitting on the sofa with you. Yep, your mind is not in your head it’s sitting on the sofa right there next to you. And, just like when you have those conversations in your head this time it’s on the sofa.


I’d like to say it’s a two-way conversation, but your mind is going for it today. Non-stop dialogue switching from one subject to another. Literally arguing with itself without you even having to open your mouth.


You sit there wondering when it’s going to stop talking, or maybe take a breath? You even start to wonder why you just don’t get up and walk away? Why should you have to listen to this rubbish all day, every day?


Well, as you sit there listening to this, the urge to stop this consistent chatter is starting to overwhelm you and walking away would, in fact, seem like the only solution to rid yourself from this torture.  It would make life a whole lot easier right?


Of course, it would, but you cant actually walk away from your mind, can you? But, you can become aware of the signs and patterns, and by becoming aware, you can then gain back control of your own thoughts.


Which is what was happening to me at this point in the exercise. The Feel Incredible Diary Day 4 was starting to take form.


Again, that word; Awareness. In so many words, I’ve heard other motivational speakers talk about becoming aware and how it can improve your life and the choices you make.


Eckhart Tolle suggests Living in the NOW – focus on the breath to gain back control of those thoughts.


Abraham Hicks – That we are always, tuned in, tapped on and switched on. And, to get back to source, we only have to focus on a thought for as long as 59seconds.


Mary Morrissey – A few years ago I came across Mary’s work (I can’t remember exactly how to be honest?) But, it was her *Dream builders course that gave me the confidence I needed to believe in myself once again. Not just to dream, but this time take action.


In fact, one of her quotes is; ‘Inspiration without action is merely entertainment.’   This is so true, and it was taking action that got me to where I am today. But, the act of ‘noticing what I was noticing’ was a big part of it.


It’s so simple when you think about it when all you need to do is notice those thoughts. Stop the thoughts that don’t serve you and focus on the ones that do. A bit like opening the door and telling our mind to get off your sofa and take a hike! Easier said than done.

If you are interested in learning how Mary can help you build on your dreams, but fear and limitations are standing in your way. Then you may want to read her FREE ebook here.

*(For me, the Dream Builders Course had opened up the possibility that things could change in my life for the better. Not only did I start to believe in me. I also gained back my confidence. It was like having Mary there by your side every step of the way.

I began to share the information with my friends and family. After taking steps to change my life and gain back control. I came across the Six Figure Mentor (SFM) program and started to learn marketing. Both the SFM and Mary have affiliate programs to which I now recommend as an affiliate.

A note here just for transparency – As I am an affiliate of Mary’s programs if you chose to buy any of her products. I will receive a commission for any sales made through me. However, this will have no effect on your purchase.)

What does this all have to do with Feeling INCREDIBLE Diary Day 4 and the 7Day Program?


2years ago to this very day as I write my diary. I was in a toxic relationship and was very negative about life, where I was, why I was there. I had withdrawn into my own shell, and that shell started to harden around me and with it send me into darkness. I lacked purpose; I was suicidal and was suffering from a ‘victim consciousness.’


The reason why I’m sharing this with you is that it’s so easy to let our fears, negative beliefs, and our pasts take hold. Paralyze us from moving forwards and deprive us of feeling good about life.


Not only do we toxify our outer worlds with these thoughts, but we also pollute our inner world too.


So, before I embarked on the 7day program, I’m sharing with you here. I was well in my own head, allowing the fear to take hold of my ankles and drag my sorry a*** to the deepest, darkest corners of my mind.


I had long since finished Mary’s course and was well on my way to finding something that was going to give me an education that enabled me to earn while I learned and in the field that I now switched my attention towards.


Which was Marketing, and that’s how I found the SFM, otherwise known as the Six Figure Mentors. They had courses, Worldwide support 24/7, live webinars. It was, in fact, just what I was looking for. So, I invested in myself and enrolled. * I will share the information about this later on.


I learned that 95% of what we tell ourselves is our subconscious programming. The 5%, which is left, is conscious. So even if I was telling myself; ‘you can do this, you are good enough’ etc. If I didn’t really believe in myself, then the 95% programmed mind of the subconscious is always going to win over that measly 5%.


I found this really interesting fact whilst listening to a YouTube program with Dr. Bruce Lipton and Bob Proctor when they discuss the missing piece of why positive thoughts do not work alone! 

I love the science behind the brain and how what we FEEL influences our heart and our brains. How we can control our emotions and our internal environments to actually create the reality we choose to live. But that opens up another can of worms and maybe for another blog another time.


So it wasn’t a ‘strike of luck’ or a ‘surprise’ that I came across Dr. Joe Dispenza’s video for the 7day program, which gave me the idea to ‘give it a go’ After all, what did I have to lose?


Be open to what you are thinking, feeling, and your surroundings. Then use the Workbook to log your thoughts and register where they were on Day 1 to where they are now in just 4 days. Who knows you too may start to Feel Incredible by Day 4 too?


I think you will be pleasantly surprised. However, once you are aware of what is going on, you are then more equipped to change the path of those thoughts and take the path that enhances your life – ‘makes you feel alive.’  Rather than following the path that just keeps putting those obstacles in the way.


It’s exciting times for all of us, let’s embrace it and rejoice in gaining back the control and our sofa!


Here are my findings so far in my how-to Feel Incredible Diary Day 4


4 thoughts I want to be conscious of today

1   My negative self-talk and what I say.

2  How I say what it is to myself

3  What I feel towards others

4  My fear that finds its way into my thoughts. The pattern it chooses.


4 things I want to change 

1  More time for my doggies

2  Smile more and laugh

3  Love me more

4  Watch my breathing


NB: In my journal so far, I realize today that I have not used the word STOP in the 4 things I want to change.


By using the word STOP at the start of a sentence, i.e., STOP being negative towards yourself.


The brain sees that word as an ultimatum. It focuses on the very act of what it is you’re trying to stop doing. Just like if I say to you ‘Don’t think of a pink elephant’ What’s the next thing that pops into your head?


So by starting your sentence in-complete like – ‘more time for’…’ love myself more…’ Removing the ‘I want more…’ The brain accepts it easier.


That’s what I’ve just realized here as I write my diary for day 4 and hence it is a lengthy diary for this day too.


Looking back, day 2 was the only day where I used the word I want.


4 things I want to change – I wrote, ‘I want to be more smiley.’


I don’t actually recall smiling more that day, to be honest with you.


However, with omitting the word ‘want’ out of your sentences, it can have a significant reaction to your experience for that day.


(Yes it’s used in the title, but it doesn’t have to be in your comments.)


This is only my observation. I wonder what yours will be?


Day 4 was also when I had the inspiration for the workbook, which of course you can download here if you haven’t already.


When we are in gratitude for what we have, that is when the inspiration comes. Goosebumps as I write this.


My friend Jeri-Lee also said to me, ‘Michele, if you’re not doing what you love to do during the day. Then you’re chipping yourself away incrementally day by day from the person you truly are destined to be.’


Ask yourself as you go through the day, ‘how am I feeling, am I doing something that I absolutely love to doing?’


If not – Then do something about it! You DO have a choice, you really do.


**I had mentioned earlier where I invested in myself and said I would mention it.


The SFM, Six Figure Mentors, is offering a FREE On-Demand Video series that will show you how you can turn your interests into an *Income. *Please read the Disclaimer at the foot of the page.

However, I am an affiliate of this program and the Virtual Academy. So if you click on the link or image, you will be sent to the On-Demand page where you can fill out your email details and start receiving the videos.

Should you make a purchase from this link, I will earn a small commission, at NO additional cost to you.


Getting back to life-changing moments, I realized that something in my life had to change. I had to take action, and there was no amount of Law of Attraction, affirmations, dream building, hoping, and wishing that was going to change my reality. Even if I did become good at feeling my way through the day any inspiration I had, I needed to take action on it.


So that’s when I made the decision and invested in myself. I knew I needed to re-educate myself, but I had to find something that was going to give me the flexibility of being able to live where I wanted and work when I could.


In fact, for me, it was a conversation I had with a ghost that started me on my journey as an online marketer. And, later led to me becoming an affiliate with the Virtual Acadamy I now belong.


I’ve written a blog about that actually if you’re not scared of ghosts?

By clicking on the image, you will be taken to the blog post that will open in a separate window.

During this course, I learned how to create my own website, which I called Fun in the Digital Age. Bearing in mind, I used to think that ‘blog’ was a swear word and a landing page was something a rocket landed on!


Yet, here I am building websites, editing photos and video and learning various other skills that all add to my tools in my tool kit. Who’d have known?

It’s now 7.30am, and I’ve not stopped writing.




Don’t forget though…BEFORE jumping out of bed to start your day. Generate that feeling of an elevated state! WOO HOOO



Because I’m focusing on that ‘one project’ with my visualizations, I’m feeling more excited, and I can SEE and FEEL the possibilities of this project succeeding.


Wouldn’t it be great if I could fast forward us into the future to see if all of this does actually work? But then what would the fun be in that? You just have to pop in from time to time to see how it’s all going.


During this process, as I’ve been writing up my diary notes, it’s given me the chance to be creative. This, I believe, is key. Because the creativity side is what gives me joy, my passion, and that’s what fires me up.


What fires you up?


Because there are always things, we have to do in our daily routines that do not drive our passions. It makes more sense to split your day up and add a bit of flair to it. I mean to add something small in there that does drive your passion.


I don’t know what your passions are but use your imagination and have fun with it. After all, you’re the one in control, right?

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