In only 3 Days would you start to Feel Incredible? For me, I’m already seeing the results and my awareness is on high alert for those negative thoughts.

I have more energy, and I’m hopeful for the things that have not yet come into my life.

Isn’t it interesting how a simple act of becoming aware can make a big difference to how you look out onto the world?  And, how being grateful opens your eyes to the beauty in the day?

What is the greatest of myself I can be today?

Remain positive and be aware of what I say to myself during the day.


4 Thoughts I am conscious of 

1 Fear of lack of money subsiding

2 More awareness of my thoughts

3 Having a more open mind

4 Still feeling that I am not progressing fast enough


4 Things I want to change 

1 Split my day up more – play more with my dogs

2 Laugh more

3 Have more confidence in my own ability

4 Keep on top of my self-talk


Reflections –

Feel INCREDIBLE Diary Day 3 – As I stop myself in my tracks when the negativity strikes. I then replace these thoughts with positive ones and gratefulness. Not only do I feel calmer, I feel more in control of my day. Dr. Joe Dispenza’s program is working because I am starting to Feel Incredible in only 3 Days.


  • How are you doing with your records and results?
  • Do you feel any different?
  • Are you able to break your thoughts in their tracks and replace them with positive ones?


An excellent method to regain control of your thoughts has been shared by several self-help authors. One of which is *Michael Singer in his book ‘The Untethered Soul’ he suggests saying out loud in your mind a couple of times. ‘Hello, Hello, Hello.’


Of course, this may sound a little odd to you, but it actually works and of course, because it is in your mind. Nobody needs to know that you’re having a battle with the mind to gain back control. A battle sounds a little heavy, but at times, that is what it feels like.


Have a go, and you will understand what he means.


*I have shared a link to Michael Book on Amazon Audio. This IS NOT an affiliate link. I have added it here for easy reference for you as I can highly recommend this book to anyone who has that ‘constant chatter’ in their heads. Listening to Michaels Book really helped me, and it may help you too?

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