7Days to Feel Incredible Inspired by Dr. Joe Dispenza!

It’s only a week out of your life. Will you try it?

I mean, what’s the worst that could happen?




Looking out of the window and watching the leaves turn from green to gold. One after the other, they fall laying a golden bed. So beautiful and peaceful like feathers falling from the sky.


Breathing with the rhythm of the wind as the tree branches sway this way and that. I’m transfixed and watch as a big gust comes from the north and lifts the leaves along, ready for the next to lie in their place. The wind keeps coming, and still, those trees stand tall.


The sky covered with grey clouds one minute and then blown away the next. Beams of light shining down from the Sun every now and again. The beautiful forever changing patchwork colors of nature.


Mesmerized with the Golden leaves lifted from this place to that. Little torrents of mini leaf tornados dancing up the driveway and out into the open fields beyond.


The golden leaves turn my thoughts from nature to nurture, and I start to feel a niggling in my stomach. I see my ‘golden leaves’ in the form of paper money being blown away into the nothingness.  Time is passing me by, seasons changing, the patchwork color of life.


*Yet still I say my affirmations, and again, the wind comes blowing away the gold from my door.


Maybe a change in the wind direction would bring me the gold in the form of lucky lottery numbers? Alas, no golden leaves, no numbers, only bills.


The change in wind direction never fails to delay this delivery. No amount of curtain pulling closed and locking of the doors is going to stop them from coming to my door. They are relentless month after month.

Why can’t we just stay in bed with the covers over our heads, pull the curtains closed and bolt down the hatches?

My concentration is broken as my phone beeps on my desk. I look down to a FB message conscious of my day already speeded up in time.


I flip from FB to WhatsApp and then FB until finally, I decided to check my emails. After all, it’s been an hour since the last time.


There, under another ‘Law of Attraction’ email along with ‘3 steps to a better lifestyle’. Is an invoice email?


I imagine the senders of these invoices if they could send them personally would do so in the form of a white-gloved waiter.


Knock Knock…Opening the door to a man holding out a highly polished silver tray. One arm neatly placed behind his bent over back as he leans forward with his outstretched arm supporting a crisp white cloth hanging over it.


There lying in the middle of the platter lay all your invoices – ‘Madame, for you’ he says with his wry smile.


Arghhh there’s no escape!!

Or, is there?


Well actually there is




You know when you’re in the middle of doing something you just don’t want to do? It could be your tax returns, or sending an email you don’t really want to send.


Learning new skills that seem to get harder the more you learn. Or maybe it’s the endless rabbit holes you just keep finding yourself going in?


Well, this was one of those days – A rabbit hole day and I found myself on YouTube this time, not FB. Then just as if the Law of Attraction had heard my calling the wonderful Dr. Joe Dispenza, who was interviewed by Lewis Howes. Was right there under my nose with the title;


‘7 days and you will see results’ from the Be Inspired Channel. If you want to check out this video here’s the link 


Anything to do with Dr. Joe Dispenza,

Dr. Bruce Lipton


Gregg Braden

I’m all ears.


Here’s the thing – FACT!


We’re all creatures of habit. (Which does rhyme with rabbit, talking of rabbit holes earlier. 😉 )


We get out of the bed the same way (erm, well if your beds up against the wall then I understand entirely. You don’t really have a choice – excuse 😉 )


We turn off our alarms with the same finger.


Sit at the kitchen table in the same spot, drinking from our favorite mugs holding it with the same hand and in the same way.


Drive to work the same way. Park our cars in the same spot.


Come home, cook dinner, maybe eat the same meals on the same day each week. Friday is fish and chip night, or curry night or steak and chips night. You get the idea?


Sit back on our sofa or favorite chair to watch our favorite TV series or Netflix.


Dr. Joe Dispenza says, ‘It’s all our programming and this, in turn, loses our free will to the program, the program being what we do every day.


In case you’re in a hurry to go and do one of your programmed ‘things’ I’ve given it to you in brief below.


BUT, if you do have time and you’re looking to SEE RESULTS, then you may want to stick around, and I’ll explain what Dr. Joe is really talking about. Or you can just watch the video like I did.


OK, so here goes. For you rabbits that can’t wait…


#1 Ask yourself this one question when you wake up (then be sure to answer it!)

‘What is the greatest of myself that I can be today?’


#2 Write down 4 thoughts that you’re going to stay conscious of the whole day.

What you say, how you speak.


#3 Write down 4 things you would like to change

How do you act?

Do you complain?

Do you blame?

Do you make excuses?


#4 Before you go to bed, give thanks for your day, your life and feel the gratitude. Really feel the gratitude and teach your body how it feels to be in this elevated state.


#5 Take time each day to close your eyes and open yourself up to the awareness and space around you.

Sense it

Pay attention to it

Become more aware of it

Practice these steps for a couple of days and see if you can stay in that state.

I have done precisely this, in fact, that night after watching this I got started,

and you can find out how I got on in my 7-day journey here if you like? Just click on the image, and, you will be taken to my videos.

A little bit of Science…


OK, now it’s time for those of you who want more science behind this and WHY it works. Studies have shown that if you know the reasons why something works. Then you’re more than likely to succeed at it. Not only that, you’re more likely to remember it as well. Win-Win.

I would like to mention here that because Dr. Joe Dispenza is so clear in how he speaks and executes his dialect. I have identified where I have used his exact words so as not to come away from his message. I have either used his name in brief; Dr. Joe; Dr. JD or in full Dr. Joe Dispenza.

#1 Ask yourself this one question when you wake up

‘What is the greatest of myself that I can be today?’


What is your body going to tell you to do first thing? Usually, it will be wanting its cup of coffee/tea, or tell you that you’re tired or you must check your emails.


Dr. Joe says you need to tell your body – ‘Body, you’re not the mind, I’m the mind right now.’


Then the fight between mind and body goes back and forth.

So Dr. Joe says what you now tell your body is – ‘you’re going to sit here, I’m going to feed you, get your coffee and then you can check your emails. BUT right NOW. This is MY TIME, and you’re going to obey me.’


The victory can only be claimed, according to Dr. Joe Dispenza when the mind wants to get up, and you become aware of it by turning to the present moment. Now the body is no longer the mind you see. You have become the mind, and you’re now starting to make changes to some aspects of yourself.


Then say to yourself – ‘I can do this all the time.’

#2 Write down 4 thoughts that you’re going to stay conscious of the whole day.

‘No, I can’t do this’ Maybe you say?


Well, Dr. Joe says, ‘you’re surprised,’ and I can also tell you from recent experience. ‘OH MY OH MY!’ How my days have started to change – more about that later as this is about YOU not me right now.


Dr. Joe says, ‘the moment you become conscious of what those thoughts are you realize how unconscious you’ve been to them all day and for weeks on end.’


You will then see how you speak to yourself and what you say to yourself.

Understand here that HOW you speak to yourself is different from WHAT you say to yourself. It may sound obvious, but for me, it was just negativity!


#3 Write down 4 things you would like to change

How do you act?

Do you complain?

Do you blame?

Do you make excuses?

Do you feel sorry for yourself?

Are you allowing your energy to drop?


‘Neurons that fire together wire together’ Dr. JD


So, what are we actually telling ourselves really?


Your dialect could very well be a Victims Consciousness.


‘What emotions do you live by?’


Imagine that? ‘Because you’re so used to living your life by guilt you don’t even know its guilt, it just feels like you.’


When you become conscious of these states of the mind and how the body reacts to them. Review it and say ‘This is the old self,’ says Dr. Joe Dispenza.


He suggests we should ask ourselves, ‘What thoughts do I want to fire and wire in my brain?’


If you want them to fire and wire together, you must now start to FEEL it.


‘What behaviors will I demonstrate today?’


‘What choices will I make?’


Dr. Joe Dispenza goes on to say. By rehearsing these positive states of thoughts and repeating them in your brain. That’s when you start to install the neurological hardware. When this becomes a continued pattern, the hardware then becomes software programming and then your actions and thoughts will be of that programming.


But here’s the tough part.


‘Can you teach your body to emotionally go into that space that your future is going to feel like before it’s even manifested?’ He asks.




OK, so if you have to leave for work, then set your alarm a little earlier.


Wait a few days and then start to see how the doors of opportunity begin to appear.


#4 Before you go to bed, give thanks for your day, your life and feel the gratitude. Really feel the gratitude and teach your body how it feels like.


What does being in a state of gratitude really mean?


Gratitude means you’re grateful for something that you’ve just been given or have.


So, if someone gave you something of value you would say thank you and feel it. So, when you’re receiving your giving thanks. Then gratitude is the ultimate state of receiving. Right? Says Dr. Joe.


‘People only accept, believe, and surrender to the thoughts equal to their emotional state.’


If your emotional state is gratitude, every thought is going to make it right down into your body.


Here’s the not so cool thing about saying Affirmations.


When you speak your affirmations and say things like –


‘I’m wealthy, I’m happy, I’m wealthy, I’m healthy, I’m wealthy, etc. and you repeat it over and over.


Your subconscious knows that it’s not and denies it by repeating to you. ‘Oh no, you’re not’ or ‘No you haven’t’ or you just feel plain silly looking in the mirror trying to kid yourself.


Dr. Joe says that because your body is already programmed with this negativity from previous programs, all these thoughts just stay right there in your brain.


However, by positively elevating your state, there are about *12,000 different chemical reactions that go on in the body to restore and repair it. Which, of course, is when you’re in a state of gratitude. He suggests 10minutes a day by feeling it with all your heart. And, then you will start to see these kinds of results.


*Dr. Joe Dispenza’s research

#5 Take time each day to close your eyes and open yourself up to the awareness and space around you.

Sense it

Pay attention to it

Become more aware of it


By opening your awareness, you begin to reduce stress hormones, which then, in turn, create more coherent brain waves states.


Dr. Joe Dispenza finishes by saying – ‘The more you do it, the better you get at it!’


To summarise then,


In fairness, the underlying message here keeps coming up, and that is to live your life by having those elevated states of gratitude. That by thinking a certain way – things like; ‘your infinite light and love and that you can do this and everything is taken care of’ and really FEEL it in your body these elevated states create momentum.


‘Once you know how to feel that emotion of your future before it’s even happened. You’re less likely to wait for it to happen because you’ll feel like it’s already happened’. Says Dr. Joe Dispenza.


When this happens to control this emotion is not necessary, but you know the feeling when it leaves you and therefore knows when you are disconnected. So in making your way back to that wonderful sense of elevated state becomes much more accessible.


When you get good at this –






Can take it away from you and NOW YOUR EMPOWERED! Dr. Joe Dispenza


He goes on to explain that – if you understand the laws of how creation happens. Then you are less likely to compete and rush to get what you want.




Because you’re going to know that it’s going to come to you.



Footnote and References


An interesting revelation, for me during this process as I explain in the video.

#5 Take time each day to close your eyes and open yourself up to the awareness and space around you.

Sense it

Pay attention to it

Become more aware of it


But even though I missed #5 I still came out of the 7Days feeling amazing.


Post 7Days.

I made this video while in a state of JOY just being in nature. I hope you like it as much as I did, making it. It’s only 1.33secs long.


During the exercise on Day 4, I came up with the Workbook idea to make it easier to log your information.


So, if you feel your friends and family would benefit from doing Dr. Joe’s exercise. Feel free to share this information together with the Workbook with them. So they too can feel INCREDIBLE!


I would just like to mention that the Workbook does have links to this blog and to my www.potterblogs.com website.


Click on the image and a separate window will open taking you to the pdf Workbook. Then all that is left for you to do is download, print, and, get recording your results.

Please feel free to contact me, I’d love to know how you get on!

Also, if you are interested in reading the diary that runs alongside the video series you can do so here.

By clicking on the button, you will be sent to a separate page where you can sign up for the Free On-Demand video series and start learning how to change your habits.

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