3 Powerful techniques to re-program your mind with Dr. Joe Dispenza 

Welcome to the Diary that will re-program your mind.

I share below 3 Powerful Techniques to help you re-program your mind in 7 Days!

In just 7 Days you will learn how to re-program your mind using these Powerful techniques shared by Dr. Joe Dispenza.

It really does work and that is why I am sharing my Diary with you in the hope that it will help you FEEL INCREDIBLE TOO?

I was having yet another ‘low day’ where fear was perched firmly on my shoulder, speaking nonsense into my ears. Feeding my low self-worth, lack of self-belief, and generally dragging me through my day with my chin to the floor.

I hadn’t long started an online business, and I wasn’t sure to be honest if I could get around the consistent feelings of not being good enough to succeed.

When an interview by Lewis Howes with Dr. Joe Dispenza came on. For me, anything to do with Dr. Joe Dispenza gets my attention. And, what he shared in this video was of no exception.

The Divine, Source, God, Universal law. Whatever resonates for you was playing its cards for me that day and with one swipe of an Ace in 4.51seconds. Dr. Joe gave us this program that I am sharing with you today.

Lewis Howes asked Dr. Joe can you share with us 1-3 powerful techniques to re-program our mind. That will help us eliminate thoughts and patterns that basically hold us back. And that if we did these things every day for a period of 7 Days, we would break these patterns and start to feel differently about ourselves?

Then in true Dr. Joe Dispenza style, he presented us with this program.

I wrote down all the points he suggested and then thought it would be good to record a video diary and also write my thoughts and feelings as they came up.

I had nothing to lose but the monkey on my shoulder and, if it worked, I had the records to share it so that others who have not seen this interview could give it a go too.

Who knows? They may just start to feel INCREDIBLE TOO?

I wrote a blog about it so if you get some time you may like to read it too? 7 Days to Feel Incredible Inspired by Dr. Joe Dispenza

I would like to point out, however, that I am not affiliated to any of Dr. Joe Dispenza programs and nothing I am sharing with you here is connected to Dr. Joe Dispenzas enterprise in any way.

This is independent and all created by myself based on his suggestions.

During the 7 Days out of inspiration, I designed the Workbook that will help you to record your findings and keep you on track from Day 1. If you click on the image of Milou, my doggy. A separate window will open where you can download and print the pdf file.

Day 1

What is the greatest of my myself I can be today?

 Keep aware of what you are telling yourself.


4 Thoughts I am going to be conscious of

(here I have missed out –throughout the day)

1 Feeling not good enough around others

2 lack

3 Fear

4 Overwhelm


Just some thoughts of what came up that day…


‘I can’t do this.’

‘They’re doing really well.’

‘I’m not getting anywhere.’

‘Why do I feel so unworthy?’

‘I don’t think anyone likes me?’

‘What’s wrong with me?’

‘I don’t believe I can do this!’




4 Things I want to change

(here I have used the word ‘want’ when it should be as per Dr. JD advise, 4 things you would like to change)

1 My attitude towards others

2 My self-talk

3 Give myself more time for FUN

4 Smile more


Now FIRE & WIRE these emotions.


FEEL how my life is going to be when I am living it how I want to.


Go to the Reflections video.

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