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Modern lives take us farther away from physical contact & more into cyberspace.


Here’s a thought…You might even be reading this on your phone on the way to work or at home on your home computer?

Either way, you’re looking at a screen of some kind reading this online.

If you’re in a public space reading this just look up and look around you. How many people do you see walking along the street or sitting in coffee shops staring at a screen of some kind having little or no conversation?

Fancy a short story?


that you’re walking along a busy street full of shops either side. The noise of the traffic sounds out your thoughts and the hustle and bustle of people walking by making it difficult for you to walk in a straight line without bumping into someone.

The sun pops its head out from behind the clouds, offering you a bit of heat from the cold wind. You look up from time to time and the suns glare dances it’s reflection off one shop window to another.

Your mind starts to wander searching the synapsis of your brain with memories darting from this place to that. And, you begin to long for a time when things were not so rushed.

A time when you could just sit down have a conversation with a friend over a cuppa and not have to worry about the next pressing engagement or problematic situation.

Who’s Potter?

As I write my way to happiness, one blog at a time continually getting inspired by the world around me.

I would like to take this opportunity and invite you into my world ‘Potters World’ and show you how the world looks through the eyes of another.

What does it mean to you

To live an ‘Extraordinary life?’

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